my EveryDayCarry

This EDC is for meant for those who are getting into college or for those who are in college,
and want to get more that might be useful to you.
Here are some the things that I carry with me and use at all times.
I carry these items with my Thule bag that you can see in the backround og the image.

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What is EDC?

EDC, for those of you not familiar with the phrase, means Every Day Carry.
Essentially it’s a phrase or a tag associated with people discussing/showing what they deem important to carry every day in their pockets.

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Keeping In Touch

This is an iPhoneX that i carrry around everydat, it is something that one must have in today’s world as it helps you reconnect with friends. This phone of mine has very little history, as it was just bought recently before I came to Australia as a gift from my parents to keep in touch with them.

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Backing Up

I carry this Seagate hard drive around me everywhere I go and I back up all my files in here in order for me to save space for my mac, my hard disk has a memory up to 2TB, however they also do come in 1tb, Seagate also provide their hard disks in several other colors too. Nowadays hard drives come in pretty cheap too, so it won’t break the bank. you could buy some real expensive and high-tech hard disks as well, like some SSD’s or a wireless hard disk.

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The Fix

I had bought this multi-purpose tool just for safety as it also helps me fix minute things like tightening up a screw or something like that. This multipurpose tool has five other features, it includes as a hammer, a bottle opener, a plier, a wrench, as well as a knife. This all comes in a form of a small keychain and its under $8.

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Money Safe

This wallet was originally my mothers, and it was then handed down to me, I like to use this wallet because of the nice patina that it has as well as the inside of the wallet has this print that is made from silk. I store my cards and money here. I like to use this wallet as it was handmade and is considered to be a vintage piece.

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More Power

This battery bank is 2100 Miah. As a student you would almost continuously be using your devices and whenever you are on the go and your devices needs to be charged, your battery bank can help you save your day. This battery bank is enough to charge a phone or a tablet for more than two times. This one is from Miniso and is pretty cheap and affordable only at AUD 55.There are many other battery banks that you can buy which are much more cheaper and with lesser Miah.

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Keeping Time

Wrist watch is something that I often wear and something that I am fond of, these timepieces are often a good fashion piece to style yourself with when you are going to college. The ones that I have got are the fossil which was gifted to me for my birthday. This is also my first ever watch. The second watch is from Titan, this watch is from India, and was handed down by my grandfather when I had left for university as a memento.

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While you are at your dorm and feeling a little to board or you just want to listen to music while you are on the go, or just exercising. Just buy some audio equipment like a mini-Bluetooth speaker, for your dorm, as well as a Bluetooth earphones, for when you are on the go.

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Care for you hands

Austalia is already pretty dry for me, considering the fact that II come from Indonesia. This moisturizer helps my hand say moisturized, especially during winter. This hand moisturizer has been with me for the past year,I dont usually use it, but when my hands start to feel pretty dry, they come in handy, thus it is always inside my bag.

About the author

Krishna Ganeshan is a student in Monash university, studying IT and majoring in Computers and Networking Security. He also has a profession in photography. He is widely known for his knowledge in tech and his blog tells us about tutorials on photography as well as tech reviews on devices, applications and software’s new or old.